Child Support

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In California, child support generally follows a mathematical formula with the costs of raising the child shared proportionally between the parents based on their incomes. Adjustments are made for the amount of time each parent spends with the child, who pays for the child’s health insurance premiums, and any other spousal or child support obligations that the parents have. Child support orders generally remain in effect until the child turns 18. California child support orders do not cover college expenses, although the parents can enter into a separate legally-binding agreement regarding those expenses.

In some cases, the base formula does not fairly account for all expenses. This may be the case when a child has unusually high educational or medical expenses as well as where the two parents live in areas with vastly different costs of living. If the parents are not in agreement on an adjustment, the parent seeking the adjustment has the burden of proving why the standard guidelines should not be followed.

Modifying Child Support

If the parents move, change jobs, or encounter financial difficulty or if the child’s medical, educational, or other expenses change, child support may be modified. In order for the court to grant a modification, the parent seeking the modification must show a significant change in circumstances from when the initial order was issued.

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